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ELK Studios is a globally famous game developer situated in Sweden, although the company was only founded recently in 2012. Since then they have been active on the gambling market as they have brought countless games to some of the best online casinos out there. They are a small independent game developer who has produced some of the biggest titles available on the market right now, due to their skilled and talented team who seeks to expand their immense game selection. At ELK Studios the staff is made out of experienced professionals who are truly dedicated to creating high-quality design and game experience for every online casino player to enjoy.

Over their short but glorious history, this game developer has shown that they are hard workers and experienced individuals when it comes down to the fan-favorite slots. Additionally, this software developer has made it clear to the international gambling community that the best is yet to come, they have stalled the release of various amazing games with unseen concept features. There are various major online casinos that acquire games from this top game developer, and to provide the quality of their work Elk Studios were awarded the Best Casino Website award two years in a row in 2016 and 2017.


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Introduction to ELK Studios Online Casinos

Without a doubt, this game developer has hit the market with a bang, because of their innovative and intelligent team of workers who inspire to bring the best slot and general casino games to online casinos around the world.

Moreover, ELK Studios have been becoming increasingly popular in recent years due to their state of the art graphics combined with improved concepts to contribute to an overall better gaming experience for the players. All of the games they offer are improved through a lengthy process of innovation, dedication, and hard work.

One of the reasons online casinos around the world have relied upon ELK Studios is their ever-changing and improved game features called Betting Strategies, this allows the software to create a predefined betting strategy for players.


ELS Studios Casinos have amazing slots filled with unique features


What's New from ELK Studios? Recent News and Articles.

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New ELK Studios Casinos in 2020

This game developer makes some high-quality casino games which every online casino player wishes to enjoy, exactly because of this reason there is a wide range of online casinos which have adopted a lot of ELK Studios games to suit the playstyle of their players.

Additionally, we have composed a list of the best new online casinos available on the market in 2020, so you can check out the top-notch casinos and see that they do in fact have plenty of games by this software developer, as they are reliable and innovative. 

Moreover, there are various renowned online casinos like Casumo and TempleNite whose game selection consists of plenty of ELK Studios games, all of which are cherished and appreciated by the casino players. 

In essence, this game developer delivers quality products to the best online casinos on the market and has been entrusted to do so by some of the biggest brands out there.


The Best ELK Studios Slots and Progressive Jackpots

At ELK Studios they release a small number of games each year, however, it is quality that matters not quantity, that is why their gameplay has given players a whole new approach of how to play slot games.

This game developer’s hard work and innovation has drastically increased its entertainment levels, and also expanded its network, as their popularity has been soaring in recent years. This software developer also offers a huge assortment of progressive jackpots that players can take advantage of if attending one of their games.

Additionally, ELK has proved itself as a leading slot provider in the online gambling industry, as they have more than 34 quality slots to their name, with each one being better than the next. Not to mention, that this software developer has taken home two awards for Best Casino Website for 2016 and 2017.

Famous ELK Studios Slots


With a drive and innovation that goes unmatched in the online gambling industry, ELK Studios have proven to produce some of the best slots one can find, the most popular ones being WILD TORO, IVANHOE SLOT, JOKER GEMS and last, but not least VEGAS DIAMONDS.

WILD TORO is inspired by a Spanish thematic, which features an adventurous matador and a heroic bull that battle with one another in the heart of a small village. Their endless duels can only be resolved with some big rewards, this game was voted the Game of the Year in 2017.


Wild Toro slot developed by ELK Studios


Furthermore, IVANHOE SLOT is a game focused on Swedish Christmas tradition which includes the watching of the movie Ivanhoe. Despite its simplistic design and 3 reels, this slot has become a fan-favorite due to its steady winnings and medium volatility.


You must try the Ivanhoe slot at any ELK Casino!


JOKER GEMS is these software developers fixed jackpot slot where players have an opportunity to cash in big time, with rewards going in the thousands of euros. Additionally, unlike many jackpot reels, this game has state of the art graphics that contribute to an unforgettable experience. 


Joker Gems slot by ELK Studios is gem-packed with amazing bonuses


If you are searching for a classic slot game look no further, VEGAS DIAMONDS brings its own spin on old school slots. This game is based on the standard cabinets you will encounter in any land-based casino in Las Vegas. This slot game is entertaining, exciting and to say the least rewarding. 


Amazing ELS Studios Jackpots

An essential aspect of online casinos is that they have a huge assortment of jackpot games, which are widely enjoyed by the majority of online casino players. Thankfully online gambling clubs who are associates of ELK Studios have access to wonderful jackpot titles.

One of the most played and beloved jackpot titles of this software provider is Joker Gems, and although it has quite the old-school vibe to it, believe us this game has all the new features and generous prizes that you would expect. 


Top Card and Table Games at ELK Studios Casinos

We would not be doing this software provider justice if we only focused on their rich assortment of slot titles, which is fascinating. ELK Studios are known for developing great casino games but at the moment their focus is on online slots.

If you happen to be a fan of table games, any online casino which works with ELK games has several different versions of Roulette, Poker or Blackjack that you can enjoy from many other software providers – you will never run out of options!


ELK Studios Live Casinos

It is of great importance not only to the players, but also the gambling club that they hold an impressive Live Casino segment that offers both variety and quality, and with this game provider you get exactly that.

Without a doubt, there are other more renowned Live Casino providers, but with their hard work and innovation, ELK Studios have managed to put themselves alongside some of the best. Although they do not provide that much variety, they do compensate for the quality of their games.


ELK Studios Casino Bonuses

With the increase of communication and innovation between both online casinos and game developers, now there are ELK Studio games in more than 50 online casinos around the world.

Furthermore, some online casinos offer welcome packages that can be enjoyed by any player who signs up for their site. In recent years many gambling clubs have given out free spins to players on slot games provided by this software developer because they have proven to be one of the best.

Additionally, there are many other games produced by this game developer which include bonuses, but you must carefully seek them out and make sure to follow the terms and conditions in order to be able to claim the specific promotions. Do not miss our exclusive casino bonus section, a unique list of deals available just for our readers.


ELK Studios Mobile Casinos

It has become the common notion that this Swedish game developer has made itself a household name through a lot of hard work and innovation, but most importantly they adapt quickly to changes, and thanks to that they have made most of their games compatible with mobile devices.

Online Casino clubs that value the importance of having fully compatible games, such as Casumo and Slot Wold, have acquired many games from this quality game developer in order to satisfy the needs of the players who wish to enjoy their games from anywhere.


ELK Complete Solutions are the pinnacle of gamification




Some Important Questions and Answers about ELK Studios Casinos


Are ELK Studios Casinos Safe?

All online casinos that have games by these software developers are licensed and registered under the legislation which is certified by the government authority. In essence, what this means is that these games cannot be manipulated and all your information is protected.

Where can I find ELK Studios Casinos?

The games produced by these game developers can be found in online casinos across more than 3 continents, so you will not have to look far – a good place to start is right at the top of this very page!

What kind of games ELK Studios games are out there?

This game developers unique selection includes a variety of table and card games, but they are mostly known for their amazing slot games. Their slot WILD TORO won the award for the Game of the Year.

Can I play on a mobile device?

Most of the online casino games produced by this software developer have been optimized to work perfectly on all mobile and tablet devices no matter the operating system, they are compatible with both iOS and Android.

How is ELK Studios different from other providers?

It is surely quite an impressive achievement to win an award for Game of the Year in just 5 years after the company was founded. This fact alone speaks volumes for the hard work ethic and innovation that stands behind the team of this software provider, and we are sure that they are bound to bring many surprises in the future as well.

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  • 日本人プレイヤーのための素晴らしいカスタマイズ
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グラフィックス - 93%
ゲームプレイ - 95%
ボーナス - 95%
バリュー - 95%
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  • iPhone・Androidで使用可能
  • ライブカジノ
  • 出金が超高速
100% 最大 $50
グラフィックス - 91%
ゲームプレイ - 92%
ボーナス - 97%
バリュー - 98%
総合評価 - 94%
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グラフィックス - 97%
ゲームプレイ - 92%
ボーナス - 97%
バリュー - 92%
総合評価 - 94%
  • インスタントキャッシュアウト
  • オンラインサポート24時間年中無休
  • トーナメント&VIPプログラム
100% 最大 $3000
グラフィックス - 94%
ゲームプレイ - 93%
ボーナス - 94%
バリュー - 95%
総合評価 - 94%
  • 素早い出金
  • モバイルフレンドリー
  • 素晴らしいライブカジノセクション
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グラフィックス - 92%
ゲームプレイ - 94%
ボーナス - 94%
バリュー - 96%
総合評価 - 94%
  • 業界トップのソフトウェアプロバイダーによる3,000以上のゲーム
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  • 超高速サイトでハッスルフリーのゲーム体験をさらにパワーアップ
100% 最大 $2000
グラフィックス - 96%
ゲームプレイ - 93%
ボーナス - 92%
バリュー - 96%
総合評価 - 94%
  • 2020年ホットな真の高品質ブランド!
  • トッププロバイダーによる3,000種類以上のゲーム
  • 充実のカジノボーナス・週替わりプロモーション
100% 最大 €500
グラフィックス - 95%
ゲームプレイ - 96%
ボーナス - 91%
バリュー - 96%
総合評価 - 94%