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MrSlotty is producing highly innovative games for online casino platforms. Operating since 2013, the company’s headquarters are located in Vilnius, Lithuania. They have produced over 40 casino projects, over the years, available in HD quality and on a variety of systems. What’s more, they managed to input high resolution and flawless gameplay mechanics in a microscopic package of just 3.2 MB on average. Such format allows for outstanding optimization across multiple platforms, offering the same experience regardless of the device.

A great number of well-established operators are incorporating MrSlotty games on their platforms, as this provider specializes in delivering excellent content, with both classic and modern motifs. They make games that are catering to the players’ needs, including familiar ruleset, fair math models, and board layout. However, this is where the similarities end, as this provider makes visually stunning video slot machines, with amazing sound design.

Once you play MrSlotty game, chances are you won’t forget the experience. A good example are titles such as HotHoney 22 VIP, Super Dragons Fire, Monster Birds, or Mars Diner, where gamblers get to experience an entirely original content of fresh ideas and distinguishing design choices. Bright, fun, and easy to get into – these words perfectly describe a typical MrSlotty game.


17+ Online Casinos Offering MrSlotty Games



Introduction to MrSlotty Online Casinos

This European developer is quite different than your standard casino software provider on the internet, as they don’t take themselves way too seriously. They understand that at the very core, a game is made to be enjoyed. Making a good amount of money is essential when spending time with any operator or any game, that’s why MrSlotty titles are packed with an above the average RTP and free spins features, becoming a staple on the market these days.

There is plenty of great content to choose from, and you can rely on a solid HTML5 mobile support, making playing any of the games a fun and profitable experience, without having to worry about external issues. It’s hard not to pay attention to the little details happening at the background of any of the MrSlotty games, so we should give them some credit here –slots such as Troll Faces, Mars Diner, Meme Faces or Insects 18+ provide a hefty amount of entertainment.


Plenty of reasons to choose a MrSlotty casino!



What's New from MrSlotty? Recent News and Articles.

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New MrSlotty Casinos in 2020 is the best place to find New MrSlotty Casinos in 2020! Our team looks thoroughly throughout the internet each month, to provide our readers with the best new additions to the online gambling industry. New Casinos all try to be different, providing a new type of content, a great promotion, or an attractive design, but here, we value security more the shiny package. Licensing and regulation are just as important, if not more, to make your experience as fair and profitable as it can be. Operators listed on are all tested by our team, so you don’t have to worry about your safety, once you decide to wager your money at a new place.



The Best MrSlotty Slots and Progressive Jackpots

You can guess what MrSlotty's specialty is by simply reading the company’s name. It is, unsurprisingly, slots. These slots, however, are surprisingly good, so don’t hesitate to try them out either in a demo version or by playing the real game. It has to be experienced to be believed – MrSlotty games are too much fun!

Here is the part where we take a look at some of their most successful titles, and this time, we have decided to tackle some classic-looking titles, as well as some instant fun-boosters, to give our readers a good sense of what MrSlotty is all about. Slots like Tropical 7 Fruits, Meme Faces, Mars Diner, Insects 18+, and HotHoney 22 VIP are a great way to make cash while enjoying a high production quality.



Famous MrSlotty Slots

Starting off with something more traditional, Tropical 7 Fruits is reminiscent of a traditional fruit machine you can find at a land-based casino. Granted, mangos and papayas are probably not that common in your local venue, but MrSlotty is fully embracing the tropical fruit theme here. It’s a 3 rows and 4 reels game, with 25 selectable pay lines. The wild of the game is the lucky number 7, and making it appear on the board will substitute for any other symbol, helping you form a winning combination.


Tropical 7 Fruits slot has plenty of surprises in store for you


The Scatter of the game is the Sun icon. This symbol is what you should be looking for on the reels, as 3 of them reward you with 1 Free Spin, 2 will grant 3 spins, and if you see it 5 times you will get 10 extra rounds, to make some sweet profit.

HotHoney 22 Vip is for those of us who like to have a great view while spinning the reels. The symbols here are all images of the Hot Honey we are presented with, a half-covered lady, whose body is filled with various tattoos. This adult-themed slot is accompanied by enticing music and beautifully drawn background and symbols. The top-paying icon of this classy-looking game is rewarding you x1000 coins, and there is a Free Spins feature, present in all MrSlotty games. The RTP is 96.4%, making you win more often than not. Taking a quick look at the gorgeous lady simply won’t be enough, as the combination of stunning images and fitting sound design will make you spin the reels a few times before being able to look away.


You cant look away from Hot Honey 22 VIP slot - enjoy it in any MrSlotty casino


If you ever take a space journey, we recommend visiting a Mars Diner, as long as it looks like the one from the MrSlotty game with the same title. Mars Diner is a 3×5 game, with a maximum of 25 pay lines. You can adjust how many coins you bet per line, with 100 being the maximum. The wild symbol of the game can award you with a staggering amount of 2000 coins if you get it to appear five times on the reels. The RTP here is 94%, and there is a Free Spins feature to help you boost your winnings.


MrSlotty's Mars Dinner slot in a one-of-a-kind futuristic adventure


This slot has a whole Americana, 50’s diner aesthetics, with the only difference being that it is well, located on Mars. The symbols are representing different aliens and a variety of food products such as hot dogs, pizzas and donuts, that don’t look exactly appetizing since they are most likely made of some strange alien goo. This game brings so much fun to players, with things constantly happening in the background, where the lovely waiter-lady even cheers for you, when you win. This is a great way to get a taste of a true MrSlotty game, as it is fun and rewarding at the same time!

The Troll Faces slot is paying respect to the meme culture, that’s been prevalent on the internet in the past few years. For those unfamiliar with what memes are, we suggest scrolling through your social media profile and checking out your activity feed, for a quick glimpse of any of these caricature-like black and white drawings. We are emphasizing once again on the fact that MrSlotty can recognize, and more importantly, successfully deliver a fun experience to the audience, whether it is a classic fruit machine style or a meme-infused slot, targeting the millennials out there.


How strong is your meme game? Find out by playing Troll Faces, a MrSlotty creation


Here, we are presented with a variety of meme faces, representing the symbols of the game. MrSlotty makes sure you remember that you are still playing a slot machine, by adding a Cherry Scatter, and 7 Wild icons, rewarding you with up to 10 Free Spins and 2000 times your bet, respectively. There is a 94% RTP and 25 adjustable pay lines, and you can decide how much you want to bet on each of them, up to 100.


MrSlotty Live Casinos

Live casinos bring joy to players around the world, making it possible to get the same experience you would in a land-based venue. You can often see them in the biggest and the most reputable casinos of the internet, with their own, dedicated section. MrSlotty hasn’t produced any Live Casino Dealers or table games as of yet, but we never know what the feature will bring. This software provider is passionate about slots and surely knows how to provide gamblers with engaging content that sticks with you once you end your playing session.


MrSlotty Casino Bonuses

MrSlotty Casino bonuses are widely available, as this provider can be found in many web-casinos. 2020 brings even bigger and bolder promotions, part of a welcome deal, or for regular customers of online operators. Our Casino Bonuses page is the place-to-go when you are on the look for a fair provider, offering a great starting bonus for new members.

You can find tons of Free Spins deals on our page, simply because gamblers love to spin the reels of a well-crafted slot and win some quick cash. There are even no-deposit casino bonuses you can claim, where the offer doesn’t require you to wager your winnings a set amount of times before being able to cash out. These casinos are rarer to find since most operators nowadays offer you a deposit bonus upon registration. This bonus includes various goodies and can be obtained throughout your initial deposit or over your first few ones, and it gives you plenty of money and free spins to play around with.



MrSlotty Mobile Casinos

Highly optimized for all kinds of operating systems, all MrSlotty games re mobile-friendly, thanks to the latest HTML5 technology. You can play their titles on any smartphone or tablet that uses iOS, Windows, or Android system. There are over 40 games, part of this provider’s collection, and they are all easily accessible on both desktop and mobile.




Some Important Questions and Answers about MrSlotty Casinos


Can I play MrSlotty games on mobile?

Yes, you can! MrSlotty games are fully optimized with the latest HTML5 technology, allowing for great optimization across all platforms.

Where do I find MrSlotty Casinos?

You can come back to this page any time you need help finding a trusted provider with tons of great MrSlotty games!

Can I play their games for free?

Yes, you can! You can try all MrSlotty titles to date on their official website, or in a casino where a demo version is available.

What games does MrSlotty make?

They focus exclusively on developing high-quality video slots.

Are MrSlotty Casinos safe?

You can find MrSlotty games at dozens of highly-reputable online operators, with valid licenses and certifications. MrSlotty Casinos are a safe entertainment destination.

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ボーナス - 97%
バリュー - 92%
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ゲームプレイ - 93%
ボーナス - 94%
バリュー - 95%
総合評価 - 94%
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ゲームプレイ - 93%
ボーナス - 92%
バリュー - 96%
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ボーナス - 91%
バリュー - 96%
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