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Nextgen Gaming is an Australian-based software developing company, they were established in 1999 and has proven to be up to this day one of the most experienced and high-quality gaming providers out there. The team behind these game developers seeks to always improve the quality and variety of the games that they provide to their customers; for this reason, the majority of their titles are unique and the graphics are ahead of their time.

Nextgen is immensely popular among experienced online casino players, and that is exactly why over 100 online casinos have trusted them with their games. Additionally, this game developer is no newbie to the online casino market, hence why they have built up a big database that combines all the player trends around the world, because of this they can deliver games that are suitable for everybody.

This software developer has become increasingly popular, because of their slots, however, they would not be able to release such games if it weren’t for their acquisition by NYX Gaming Group back in 2011. Ever since then, NextGen has maintained a culture which praises and encourages innovation and improvement in every aspect of their business.

Moreover, many online casino experts have deemed their methods of work to have influenced an evolving era of digital gaming, so we can gladly say that this game developer has changed the game for both players and providers alike. Major online casinos tend to have quite the selection of NextGen games in their game library, just because there are so many of them and they are immensely enjoyed by the players.


21+ Online Casinos Offering NextGen Gaming Games


Introduction to Nextgen Gaming Online Casinos

There is no doubt that the name of this game developer has become a household one in recent years, they have released over 600 games in more than 60 different countries, there is almost no online casino player in the world who has not heard of NextGen.

Their name is no coincidence, they refer to themselves as the next generation of casino games, and rightfully so, their innovation and drive are what distinguishes them from other online casinos.

Furthermore, specifically their never-ending experimentation has led them to successive game discoveries and patented game features. One of the best such examples is “Slide a Wild”, and what is special about it is that it allows the player to control the input and behavior of certain symbols on a slot.

Nevertheless, NexGen is not simply a slot provider, they offer a wide range of other casino games, such as exquisite jackpots with immersive features. Additionally, all of the games that they offer have been designed to be easily accessible and compatible with all mobile devices.


NextGen Gaming is on a mission of developing the games of the future!




What's New from Nextgen Gaming? Recent News and Articles.

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New Nextgen Gaming Casinos in 2020

This game provider works with more than 100 world-renowned online casinos, so it is sure that you will find a NextGen game at almost any online casino page that you visit. Moreover, there are a plethora of online casinos, which you can find at our New Online Casinos of 2020 page.

Over the past couple of years, this software provider has become more popular than ever before, hence why they have made partnerships with some of the biggest online casinos like Slotty Vegas Casino.

Almost every single one of the online gambling clubs that NextGen provides with a huge game selection offers amazing bonuses and deals, so it is a fact that you will definitely not get bored when attending a quality NextGen Online Casino. 


The Best Nextgen Gaming Slots and Progressive Jackpots

One of the best features of this software developer is their special and fun slot games, which feature some exquisite fan-favorite slots like Slide a Wilde and DynaReel, these two have been a big success story.

Additionally, this gaming provider has made over 1000 games in their time as a leading developer, nonetheless, more than a third of their game library consists of slot games, hence why players are given a wide variety to choose from.

Jackpots are quite popular amongst the NextGen team, they have accumulated jackpots of over 600,000 EUR. It is needless to say that this software developer provides a plethora of progressive jackpots that one can enjoy and use to increase their earnings.



Famous Nextgen Gaming Slots

As previously mentioned NextGen is well known for supplying amazing online casinos such as Peleaa Casino with innovative and entertaining slot games. Some of the most incredible games include slot titles like 300 Shields, the 5 Knights, A While on the Nile and Call of the Colosseum.


Nextgen Gaming Casinos offer the unique Volcano Eruption Slot


What is more amazing than their slots is the futuristic features that they offer which includes Slide a Wild which is a patented feature where you can control the placement and behavior of Wild symbols. Moreover, the Up Wild feature makes every spin see the Wild symbol making its way up the reels leaving extra Wilds that one can take advantage of.

Additionally, you have the DynaRell which is a patented game feature that activates the Reel dividers and showers players in unexpected prizes and rewards. Last, but not least NextGen has implemented a service called SuperBet which allows you to add an extra bet or ante to unlock new bonuses or features.


Amazing Nextgen Gaming Casino Jackpots

NextGen offers a huge variety of jackpot wins, which as mentioned before have accumulated more than 600,000 EUR in prize pools, therefore there are plenty of cash prizes, bonuses, and awards you can get if you're playing any of the jackpots that they have to offer.

As pinpointed, this game provider places great importance on the innovation and improvement of their previous games, that is why their new jackpot games offer features never seen before, and an exclusive opportunity to enjoy a one of a kind experience while increasing winnings.


Jackpot Jester is a progressive jackpot developed by Nextgen



Top Card and Table Games at Nextgen Gaming Casinos

As previously mentioned, this software provider is not only focused on slots exclusively, they also provide online casinos with a big assortment of table and card games, like Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack.

What benefits the online casino players is NextGen’s stride to increase the graphics and improve the quality of their games. For this reason, they have widened their amplitude of diverse table games, including new variations like European Blackjack, and Roulette Master.


Roulette Master is a unique roulette variant found at any Nextgen Casino



Nextgen Gaming Live Casinos

The variety and quality of games supplied by this software provider never ends, they are aware that the Live Casino section makes up one of the most important features of an online casino.

Moreover, at NextGen they have introduced a big variety of slots, card and table games one can choose from, but for the time being a live dealers section is not available. There are plenty of live casino alternatives, all with high-quality HD graphics, which contribute to an already immersive and unique game experience.


Nextgen Gaming Casino Bonuses

Thankfully, the wide range of online casino partnerships that NextGen has made, because of their thrive to innovate and improve their games, ultimately ends up contributing to the casino player's experience.

With over 100 online casinos filled with games from this top-notch game provider, players have a wide variety of online casinos to choose from, most of which offer amazingly generous welcome bonuses, deals and promotions, an example of such a gambling club is King Billy Casino.

Ultimately, NextGen’s slot features are what makes the difference, as they give players the opportunity to accumulate extra earnings with no effort whatsoever. Free spins bundles make a great addition to any welcome offer so make sure to check out our dedicated reviews. Ultimately, if you're shopping around for something unique, know that you have access to some exclusive deals, simply for being our reader!


Nextgen Gaming Mobile Casinos

This software provider provides games for the majority of online casinos on the market at the moment, and as it is widely accepted in the gambling community, mobile compatibility is of great value to the online casino user, so that players can enjoy their favorite games from anywhere.

Generally, most of the games that NextGen produces are fully compatible with all iOS and Android devices. Players can easily play each one of their preferred NextGen games by just opening their mobile browser.



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Are NextGen Casinos Safe?

NextGen is incorporated under Australian law, and is coherent and abides by all the relevant legal and regulatory guidelines. Any player enjoying a game by this software provider is safe and secure, because of the high-security measures that they implement.

Where can I find NextGen Casinos?

This quality game provider works with more than 100 major online casinos, which are spread over 5 continents, it is particularly not hard to find NextGen games at any big online gaming club.

What kind of games NextGen games are out there?

This game provider produces a lot of quality casino games, but their variety and range is unmatched, they have amazing slots, video poker, table games, and lively jackpots.

Can I play Nextgen slots on a mobile device?

Most of their products are easily accessible and compatible with all mobile, and tablet devices – no matter if they are iOS or Android.

How is NextGen different from other providers?

What is quite special about this gaming provider is their spirit to innovate and improve their previous products, and it can be argued that this factor is what has driven them to success in recent years.

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100% 最大 €500
7signs casino japan
グラフィックス - 99%
ゲームプレイ - 99%
ボーナス - 99%
バリュー - 99%
総合評価 - 99%
  • 選べる20の決済方法
  • 完全モバイル対応
  • ライブチャット
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グラフィックス - 98%
ゲームプレイ - 100%
ボーナス - 99%
バリュー - 97%
総合評価 - 98%
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  • モバイルフレンドリー
  • ライブチャット
100% 最大 $500
Vulkan Vegas Casino
グラフィックス - 98%
ゲームプレイ - 98%
ボーナス - 98%
バリュー - 97%
総合評価 - 97%
  • 名誉ある賞を多数受賞
  • 日本人プレイヤーのための素晴らしいカスタマイズ
  • 画期的な通貨の使い分け機能
100% 最大 €500
グラフィックス - 93%
ゲームプレイ - 95%
ボーナス - 95%
バリュー - 95%
総合評価 - 94%
  • iPhone・Androidで使用可能
  • ライブカジノ
  • 出金が超高速
100% 最大 $50
グラフィックス - 91%
ゲームプレイ - 92%
ボーナス - 97%
バリュー - 98%
総合評価 - 94%
  • キャッシュバック保証
  • スペシャルプロモーション
  • ライブチャット
200% 最大 $100
グラフィックス - 97%
ゲームプレイ - 92%
ボーナス - 97%
バリュー - 92%
総合評価 - 94%
  • インスタントキャッシュアウト
  • オンラインサポート24時間年中無休
  • トーナメント&VIPプログラム
100% 最大 $3000
グラフィックス - 94%
ゲームプレイ - 93%
ボーナス - 94%
バリュー - 95%
総合評価 - 94%
  • 素早い出金
  • モバイルフレンドリー
  • 素晴らしいライブカジノセクション
100% 最大 €200
グラフィックス - 92%
ゲームプレイ - 94%
ボーナス - 94%
バリュー - 96%
総合評価 - 94%
  • 業界トップのソフトウェアプロバイダーによる3,000以上のゲーム
  • 卓越したストーリーライン、シンプルかつ優れたビジュアル
  • 超高速サイトでハッスルフリーのゲーム体験をさらにパワーアップ
100% 最大 $2000
グラフィックス - 96%
ゲームプレイ - 93%
ボーナス - 92%
バリュー - 96%
総合評価 - 94%
  • 2020年ホットな真の高品質ブランド!
  • トッププロバイダーによる3,000種類以上のゲーム
  • 充実のカジノボーナス・週替わりプロモーション
100% 最大 €500
グラフィックス - 95%
ゲームプレイ - 96%
ボーナス - 91%
バリュー - 96%
総合評価 - 94%